Introducing the MultiStack HGV collapsible racking system.

Our range of pallet stacking systems allows you to make the most of your fleet’s available space by enabling stacking of up to three part pallets in one pallet’s space.

By maximising space, your trucks will no longer need to leave the depot only part loaded.

Not only will you be able to provide fewer, fuller, smaller trucks and smarter routes but you will be able to offer your customers the competitive pricing edge.

The MultiStack range is the first of its kind and is already receiving excellent feedback having been trialed:

“We have been using the Danload MultiStack System for a while now and have several different models, used on a variety of loads to make full use of the space we have in our vehicles.  It has helped us with being more efficient for our customers who wish to send that extra pallet of goods or something that is light in weight but just a little over size and can be loaded onto the top of the MultiStack so as not to damage any goods below by stacking on them. 

 A very well designed and made piece of equipment to help the haulier.  Danload have listened to all of the requirements that hauliers need to overcome some of the difficulties they have.  We thoroughly recommend them we will certainly be buying more.” 

                                                                                                                                        Nicky Amey   Castledene Transport 


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The MultiStack Range