About us

Danny Watson – Founder – Personal Statement.

“After managing and being involved with warehousing and transport for over 30 years, my objective has always been how to get the best use of truck and driver. This has always been the challenge of the transport manager or router or even the warehouse manager to optimize the vehicles capacity and find the most efficient and cost effective way to get the goods to their destination intact and on time. This will never change. The person responsible has to juggle the load, the route, the drivers hours and then put it all in order for loading. On many occasions vehicles go out part laden but the entire bed of the vehicle is covered in pallets; sometimes to the roof and often only a few centimeter’s high. I no longer look after vehicles but I do send out goods on pallets most of which are only part pallets.

Back in June 2016 I was loading a vehicle with an array of different height pallets on to a vehicle I expect was permitted to carry much more weight. I was adding to a part load of six pallets that were no higher the 600mm and asked the driver what happens to those pallets, “do they go out like that or do you stack them back at the depot?” He replied “no they remain like that we can’t stack them we don’t know what’s on them”. I thought there must be a solution so I set out to design a rack that can be used for multiple pallets and doesn’t get in the way when not in use .

The first model was to have three levels so I bought loads of steel and aluminium and set about building it.  It took six months of trial and error to come up with the TriStack. Since then there have been a few more ideas and the second is an adjustable duo stack.

No longer will a vehicle have to leave the depot only part loaded in volume as long as the weight is correct and the loading correctly placed. Hauliers will be able to utilize all the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

So many possibilities: Fuller trucks, fewer trucks, smaller trucks and more efficient routes.”